How often do we find ourselves comparing ourselves to another? Siblings, parents, friends, even those we don’t personally know. We draw our own conclusions regarding their success and treat our conclusions as fact.

It’s happened since the beginning of time. Cain compared himself to Abel and rather than applauding his success, he murdered his brother.

Miriam and Aaron in Numbers 12:2, criticized Moses’s marriage to a Cushite woman. While their words sounded so rational, they were jealous of Moses’ position.

This is a common scenario. Our criticisms come out of jealousy and we cover it with rationale. We therefore try to tell others how to do their job. Yet we have no experience in that job. We weren’t chosen for that job.

In this story Miriam and Aaron wanted Moses’ position. They weren’t happy with their own giftings and position. Their jealousy was rooted in insecurity.

Miriam and Aaron also failed to realise the price that Moses had paid to attain his position. We often judge by what we see in the present rather than realizing the price that one has already paid.

Moses’ life previously was filled with sacrifice. He was placed in a basket in a river as a baby, raised in a foreign home by foreign parents in a foreign culture. He was chased to be killed and lived in a wilderness for forty years. Apart from which, the people that he led were grumpy and rarely happy.

The comparison game is not a game but is destructive. It takes us off course and causes dissatisfaction.

Let others live their lives and stop being angry and jealous.

Discipline yourself to be happy for others.

We are never free until we’re free from trying to impress people or stop comparing ourselves to others.

Ask God to reveal His plan for you.

Keep loving and helping others, particularly as a part of God’s great invention, the local church. Your gifts will get known, will grow and therefore be utilized.

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