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Defining the Addict

Addiction series part 2

Addiction is a scary word and is something we should take seriously, but it is also something we need to understand. Non-believers try to write addiction off as a disease; however, we believe that there are deeper needs which are being overshadowed by the power of the addict’s addiction. In order to help the addict find freedom, we need to take the steps to understand how the addiction started.

Sexual addiction in many ways seems to be a deeper wound than others. It is more difficult to admit because of its sexual nature. Even though addictions are the same at their core, sexual addiction has a few defining traits that make it stand out. The sexual addict is often a victim of some form of sexual abuse and is now repeating “the victimization, only now being the perpetrator.” Addicts may have been exposed to sexual behavior such as pornography or assault at a young age. The root could even be something less severe, such as watching a parent engage in an affair. Whatever the trigger, the addict is handicapped with a deep pain before even reaching an age of sexual understanding. If that pain is not addressed, the addict will usually act upon his or her need to escape the pain.

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Wanting Fame

Today when asking children what they want to be when they grow up, answers still consist of things like firemen or doctors but it seems like the overwhelming response has changed to “famous.” Fame has to some degree become synonymous with success. We have begun to believe that if we are not well known then we are not successful and, in turn, unhappy. Famous people are seen every day in the news and the media, and we think that they are happy; however, fame does not mean happiness. In fact, fame often times becomes the thing that destroys happiness.

Fame is usually a short-lived thing that fails to bring true happiness. At our core, we desire to be loved, accepted, and happy. Many people believe that recognition will satisfy all of those desires, but, unfortunately, fame generally brings more destruction than anything. This does not mean we should disregard or downgrade moments of success; those should be celebrated! What we need to do is understand and remember that God is everything. His love and His grace is what will satisfy our desires, and we will find that satisfaction by leaning on His strength and making Him our main desire.

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Falling on a Sword

We all hear a voice in our heads. We may not admit to it, but we do. This voice is our own insecurities trying to keep us from living our best lives. Saul, the first king of Israel, showed us what can happen to someone who listens to this negative voice. He was a handsome man and a skilled warrior, but, in the end, he killed himself. Why? He let his insecurities rule his life. Those insecurities—that voice that sounds so much like our own—drove him to obsessively hunt down David to kill him before the boy could become king.

We can do crazy things when we listen to the voice in our minds. It is always talking, but it is the loudest in stressful situations, major events in life, and opportunities to grow and change. Jesus knows what we are going through. That is one of the reasons why He gave us the Bible. Inside are all kinds of Truths that can silence the voice. Whenever a negative thought rises in our minds, we can “capture it” and make it “obey Jesus” by applying His Word to the moment (2 Corinthians 10:5).

What is the voice trying to tell you? Is it trying to tell you who you are and what you should be? Does this voice parallel what God says in His Word? If it doesn’t, shut it up with the Word of God!



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Unmet Expectations

In Matthew 9, there is a story of a paralytic who is brought to Jesus for healing. What he received was forgiveness for his sins. In that moment, the paralytic was faced with God not meeting his expectations.

How often are we like this paralytic—coming before God with expectations that He wants to shift? We do not see the need to shift and become stuck in our expectations like the paralytic stuck on his beggar’s matt. We want people to come take care of us in our time of need because God didn’t answer our expectations. Our paralysis grows the longer we remain in this one spot.

We can avoid this kind of existence by living with humility; this is an understanding of our flaws and our dependence upon God. When we know that our own wants and desires are fallible, we are released to forgive the injustice we feel in our lives and walk forward into a new life. We hear God’s answer—His differing answer—and we are ready to receive it and walk in it. The result is a greater life than we thought we could have when we brought to Him our expectations.

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Be Still…

“Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!” (Psalms 46:10 NKJV)

So often, we can interpret the phrase “Be still, and know that I am God” as an invitation to take a break. Rest is a good thing—who doesn’t like a little extra sleep or some time to read a book? God wants us to rest in Him, but that rest does not necessarily mean a vacation to a tropical destination; sometimes, resting in God means reflecting on His Word.


This Scripture reminds me that it is important to take time to pray and to reflect upon how God’s Word effects and changes my world. When I discipline myself to remember and apply Scripture, I begin to see the negative aspect of my soul fall away.


Instead of thinking about all the things that are going wrong in my world, I begin to see all that God has done. I move from my natural inclination to think negatively to an unnatural desire to dwell on the positive. I am reminded of the bigger picture God has for me and my life, and this reminder helps me to refocus upon my purpose within God’s framework.


The results of being still and knowing He is God is improved health in every way—from physical to spiritual. My thoughts are positive, my emotional state is healthy, I am physically ready to move forward into the next phase of God’s plan, and I am spiritually reconnected to my God.

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